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Foodie Tuesday: Elizabeth Castoria Teaches Us “How to Be Vegan”


Elizabeth Castoria, former editorial director of VegNews, has recently debuted her first book, How to Be Vegan. The title is a reflection of the intent of the book, in that it doesn’t just teach readers how to eat vegan, but live vegan as well. Continue reading

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Pinterest: It was the Best of Times, It was the Waste of Time


On Pinterest, I am the wittiest, healthiest, best dressed, most adventurous version of myself. This is great, until my battery is about to die. Suddenly, I’m thrown back into reality—its three pm, and I haven’t written, worked out, or done anything else productive all day. Continue reading

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Being Vegan In: LA


Read on as iEG Contributor Zoe Eisenberg interviews Christa Shelton, a playful LA based vegan with a passion for adventure.
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