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A Warm-Up Is In Sight For The East Coast!


Forecasters said temperatures after Tuesday’s snowstorm should move up to the 40s to mid-50s for the rest of the week. Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: Vegan Chili and Cornbread Like You’ve Never Seen Before


Forget everything you know about cornbread. Instead of having a bowl of warm vegan chili with a side of cornbread, we made cornbread waffles topped with vegan chili. Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday: Vegan Cold Remedies (and Recipes!)

Tea lemon

I used to come down with an upper respiratory infection every winter. This entailed visits to the ER and antibiotics and chest x-rays…the works. I would dread the two weeks of my life that I was bound to lose each year due to the pesky viral-bug that liked to use my lungs as a holiday home. Then, I became vegan, and that critter got an eviction notice! (whoop whoop!) Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Top 5 Vegan Hats for Fall

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 5.52.10 PM

My favorite part of fall is breaking out my warm weather accessories. While the classic fall accessory is a scarf, a vegan hat is another cute way to complete any autumn outfit. Hat hair has never looked so good. Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Harnessing the Power of Harem Pants

I chose to pair a flowy crop top with my harem pants, as well as a light blue colored bandeau. Like my crop top, my bandeau was a solid color.

iEG’s founder, Ayinde, fondly refers to harem pants as “hampster pants.” Until I had a pair of my own, I completely agreed with him. However, after I kept seeing other women wearing them, I thought I’d give harem pants a chance.

It’s the best fashion decision I’ve ever made. Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: A Vegan Guide to Nemo (and Other Poorly Named Blizzards)


Unlike Marlin and Dory, we all found Nemo fairly easily this weekend. And now that I’ve filled my bad pun per post quota, let’s talk about being vegan with limited resources. If you’re snowed in and only have access to the food in your pantry, I have a simple solution that will nourish your body and warm your soul. Continue reading

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