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My Meatless Life: Work Hard, Play Hard

work hard play hard

After spending 10 days cooking on the road with no days off I got back home to LA and followed some advice I had been given, “no down time.” So my answer to everything this past long weekend was “yes”. Flag football on the fourth and night swimming on a rooftop pool for the fireworks, yes. Beach volleyball, yes. Ocean swimming where I accidentally got caught in a rip tide, yes. Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: The Post-Workout Oreo

I do not know how all the other bloggers make their Oreos look so pretty. This was the best I could do...A for effort?

I have a nasty habit. I motivate myself to exercise with the promise of food. It’s not the best tactic, I know, but I exercise every day so something must be working. At any rate, I have a huge sweet tooth, so usually the food I promise myself is what my mom has always called a “sweet treat.” Of course, I don’t want to undo my last hour of sweat, so when I “indulge” in a post work-out treat, it’s always a secretly healthy one. Ever since discovering the wonder of frozen banana ice cream, that was my go-to snack. However, a few weeks ago, I stumbled across a few recipes for “healthy Oreo’s,” and I was immediately intrigued. Continue reading

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Weight Loss Wednesday: The Positives of Peer Pressure


We’ve all heard sayings like “extreme results call for extreme measures” or “No pain, no gain.” However, if like me, you and these motivational mantra just don’t relate, take a simpler tactic by giving yourself no option; be bullied into budging that bulge! Continue reading

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