Original Mac & Yease
Original Mac & Yease
Original Mac & Yease

Original Mac & Yease

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The dish that started it all! This recipe is based on Chef Ayindè’s great-grandmother Mary’s baked mac and cheese. A recipe passed down through generations and vegan-ized to accommodate today's varying lifestyles.

It's creamy, indulgent, a great source of protein, and uses locally sourced non-GMO ingredients.

Family Size-32oz (serves 4)

Can be stored frozen.

Original Mac & Yease

Customer Reviews

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I really enjoyed the Original Mac and Yease, it was my first time having it and will probably get it again. My only complaint would be that with shipping it is expensive I paid a little over $40 and I felt like that was too much.

Morgan Runge
Family Favorite

I make a vegan Buffalo Mac and cheese with this mix. It’s our weird thanksgiving lunch tradition, so it was super exciting to find a ready to cook vegan version so I wasn’t spending even more time in the kitchen on thanksgiving day. My only objection is that this time the mix kind of separated upon delivery, but it baked up just fine and was delicious as always. I’m guessing it’s because I live in Alaska and our postal service is usually a little slower than everywhere else. My family is asking that I keep our freezer stocked all year round.

Caleb Cole

Very Fresh and Cheesy and a Great balance of spices. This is definitely the best macaroni and cheese on the market Bar None!

Excellent 5 Stars.

I first time I ordered the Macandyeast I received it and I had a problem with the packaging . I email and made a complaint then gave a 1 star.. I received another one thank you so much for correcting it @ieatgrass . I finally made it and it was delicious my grand daughter loved it so thank you again and very sorry for the bad review.. I really appreciate for getting back and correcting it…5 stars ….

Shawan Trueheart
The best yet !!

The best vegan Mac and cheese I’ve had yet. Even my non vegan husband loved it and went back his self to buy more !! It’s a win for the entire family.