Original Mac & Yease
Original Mac & Yease
Original Mac & Yease

Original Mac & Yease

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The dish that started it all! This recipe is based on Chef Ayindè’s great-grandmother Mary’s baked mac and cheese. A recipe passed down through generations and vegan-ized to accommodate today's varying lifestyles.

It's creamy, indulgent, a great source of protein, and uses locally sourced non-GMO ingredients.

Family Size-32oz (serves 4)

Can be stored frozen.

Original Mac & Yease

Customer Reviews

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Shannay Cassan

I enjoyed this way too much. Ate it all by myself. Can’t wait to purchase it again.

Christopher Wolfe
Far too small/quantity and awful taste

Four cups of pasta for $48???? Crazy but I’d gladly pay that for good vegan Mac & Cheese but what I received was a vacuum sealed bag of Garlic Pasta. Way too much garlic and without any savory vegan cheese taste. Sure it had a slightly pink/orange sauce but the amount of garlic appears to have been used because they couldn't perfect their vegan cheese recipe. Disgusting. So many better options that are vegan and available at most grocery stores today.

Erica Ingersol
Best Vegan Mac & Cheese ever!

This is the very best vegan Mac we’ve ever had. It’s super creamy and cheesy and everything you would want with this comfort food! We have bought this several times and will continue to do so!

caitlin wright
Soooo good

Me and my 5 kids love this. Would 100% buy again. The original has more liquid then the other flavor which was a bit dry so this one was a family favorite but both had amazing flavor and can not wait to get more!

Tara Knight
I love it!

Such rich flavor and creamy! I love this mac and yease. Thank you.