Our Story

iEatGrass was created out of a need. We saw a need in the market for good, relatable vegan products. We knew that in order for people to take part in a vegan lifestyle, they first had to see themselves in it.



Ayindè Howell is a restaurant trained chef of over 20 years and a lifelong vegan. iEatGrass came to be after children teased Ayinde, thinking that grass was all he could eat growing up as a vegan.

He is the owner, executive chef and lead innovator of the company. Our biggest asset is Chef Ayinde’s restaurant experience and his ability to create culinary “open source,” plant-based food. That means delivering products that can plug into any menu with minimal effort from the owner/operator. The food we create is above the current standard for plant-based food of “pretty good,” it’s real food with real flavor, making you want to come back for more!

“I believe that food is the great equalizer. We break bread over the good times and the tough times. The act of cooking or preparing food for your loved ones and friends is one of the simplest and oldest rituals we perform every day. I want the food I make to bring happiness, joy and wonderful memories to the table.

I ensure everything iEatGrass creates is carefully crafted with love and precision so that you don’t have to think about whether or not your plant based meal tastes healthy, because it tastes like coming back for seconds.

Once a person falls in love with the taste of your food, you have them for life.”


-Chef Ayindé


Chef Ayindé cares deeply about giving back to communities that need it most- that's why a portion of iEatGrass sales benefit non-profit organizations across the country.